Press Clipping
Dubbest - Avoid the Pier

I've had my eye on this little Reggae group for about a year now, and I just finally decided to give this a listen. I'd been waiting long and hard for the latest's stream, but it's been months and I figured Avoid the Pier would have to do.

I should never have avoided it to begin with. This album starts off pleasing to any who love the Rasta sound, and manages to keep some well earned respect even after the few commercial tracks. They have that special Dub side well developed for those that enjoy the really chill instrumentals, but today's pick is a little more traditional.
Just because it's traditional doesn't mean it's cookie cut for the every day fit, it's just got a thick bass line and a very mellow pace. Bringing it to life is a beach-inspired guitar, occasionally emotive lyrics, and just the right amount of percussive details.

If it ends a little abrupt, that's because it's only part I. Here's part II. Way before you get to the end you'll realize what they're capable of. You'll hear the musicians fade in and out of each other, and that awesome chemistry that keeps all the sounds balanced. If anything, the track on its own sounds like it needs a spark, and that's where the rest of the album comes into play.
Maintaining the same style would be too easy under this talented collective. The album starts off displaying a healthy, well played Dub piece (as it should), and ends with 3 tracks of the same near-instrumental qualities. You also get well thought out lyrics, well hidden Nyabinghi roots, and a thick musical presence that I hope I'll get to see live.

Even though they've got everything going for them here, the album does have a few minor faults. There's some attempted commercial tracks there that fall under some odd middle-ground, and general track listing probably could have used some better editing, but aside from that it's great. Especially considering you can download it for free if you wish it.