Press Clipping
Raggae band Dubbest to play the Brick House

Boston-based reggae outfit, Dubbest, will find its way to The Dover Brick House on Friday, where they'll be looking to get the crowd moving and feeling the love in support of their record, "Avoid The Pier."

Spotlight had a chance to catch up with guitarist Andrew MacKenzie to talk about the band, its sound, and the upcoming show.

MACKENZIE: The goal was to do what we wanted to do since the first album. Be experimental and spontaneous, while maintaining a roots aspect.

SPOTLIGHT: Critic's voice aside, how would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

MACKENZIE: Roots reggae with a modern feel. Occasional improvisation within parts of the music add a different flavor than most contemporary reggae artists you hear today.

SPOTLIGHT: What are you looking for people to take with them when they experience your music?

MACKENZIE: People should enjoy the textures and thoughtful lyrics within the sound we create as a group of friends.

SPOTLIGHT: Why music? How did Dubbest come together? What's the importance of reggae music in your estimation?

MACKENZIE: The five of us have made music together since high school, although we are young (graduated high school in 2009) we have a lot of experience from playing different genres and learning how to perform and advance musically. We played a lot of punk and ska music prior to reggae, then upon hearing dub music and Bob Marley's albums, it became clear that something was there for us to uncover and educate ourselves in. Reggae is the most positive, intricate, simple yet difficult style of music we've ever been involved with. With such a rich history. The feeling that you can reach through it is truly remarkable, it's an amazing thing.

SPOTLIGHT: What excites you about your upcoming gig at Fury's in Dover?

MACKENZIE: For one thing, New Hampshire is the first state outside of Massachusetts (our home turf) that we played and really got comfortable with. Thanks to our friend Mark McGwin who helped get our foot in the door at UNH and the surrounding areas. Not only that, but we get to play with the super talented Harsh Armadillo, an excellent funk group that has been killing it in New Hampshire for quite some time now. We knew we had to get a New Hampshire date with those cats on our first tour!

SPOTLIGHT: What can folks expect when they come out to the show next week?

MACKENZIE: We hope people anticipate a reggae-funk filled mind explosion! Lots of fun, and great vibes!