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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Dubbest

With bands like Rebelution and Iration, reggae has really gained a foothold in southern California. Dubbest shows that reggae isn't just popular here. This Boston band plays a brand of reggae that is a lot closer to roots reggae than a lot of bands going now, which is particularly impressive because the members in this band are pretty young.

This band doesn't have any trouble creating layers of sound in its songs. "Liars Tree II" is a good example. It begins with a melodica, then the rest of the band joins in. Vibraphones are introduced at some point of the song, along with some psychedelic sounds in both the guitar and the vocals, and some funky tones from the bass. It's a pretty interesting song, and if you had to guess, you might say that it was recorded in the 70s.

You know how some reggae songs are just made for sunny days? Well, Dubbest has one of those. "Warm Wind" is filled with bright tones in the guitar and an easygoing vibe throughout the song. Plus, at some point vocalist Ryan Thaxter sings about a warm wind coming back. If you're in a cold-weather place, put this song on in your house or car and at least it will feel like summer there.

Dubbest is a talented band that clearly knows its stuff when it comes to reggae. It's clear that the band listened to and learned a lot of the history of reggae. This band also incorporates some psychedelic and funk aspects, which give the album a really groovy feel. If you're a fan of classic reggae, Dubbest is a band you should get to know. Avoid the Pier is available now.